Personal development and
leadership coaching

tugging ropeMeeting new business challenges often involves meeting new leadership challenges for the business owners, directors and senior managers. Whether it is dealing with the cultural and behavioural issues which arise from changes to ways of working or the development of new skills in working collaboratively with other organisations, leaders always have to adapt and learn new ways of doing things.

Often new business challenges are driven by advances in information technology and many of these challenges are still emerging. Consequences and possible impacts may therefore not always be well understood. The importance of corporate governance is inevitably increasing significantly as is the need for businesses to demonstrate effective governance arrangements in order to reassure investors, partners and customers.

To assist in meeting these challenges, we have developed a service for chief executives and chairmen which provides:

  • Personal mentoring
  • Expertise in establishing an effective corporate governance framework and supporting processes
  • Guidance on developing ways of working for a board, which enhances the board's effectiveness together with techniques to build team work
  • Facilitating the work of the board to identify strategic risks and opportunities and to develop effective responses to them.

drawing plans

We advise a wide range of clients and their financial stakeholders, from fast growing and established businesses to public companies competing in global markets.

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